Moon jellies

I used China Glaze’s Refresh Mint as a base. I used Pure ICE’s Mint Dream (two coats over the base) and Busted (glittery color for moon jelly).

I used Kissy Nail art striping brush for the white and tried to draw jelly fish.2012-09-16 00.072012-09-15 02546.402012-09-16 05450.062012-09-16 00554.062012-09-16 002012-09-16 00.0517

Guild Wars 2

I used Sinful Colors All About You, Courtney Orange (mixed with yellow because it was a little opaque), Hot Hot Heat

Pure Ice’s Superstar and Scandal

Love My Nails’ Merlot

Sally Hansen Aisle Be There (over the white)

And Nail Art Striper brushes for the text and teeth on the dragon.

guild_wars_2_nail_art_by_420marley-d5e5wkp2012-09-08 18.52

For my right hand I tried to mimic the Guild Wars 2 logo the best I could, and waited at least two minutes between each coat/sponging.
First I laid down Superstar and then when it was dry set Aisle Be There (2coats) for a little depth. Then I sponged on Hot Hot Heat (with a makeup sponge), and layered Merlot in areas that should be darker. Next I put my Courtney Orange/yellow in the areas that should be lighter and sponged on a little All About You over it to give it some sparkle.
I finished up by using my Kissy Nail Art colors, Black for the guild wars text and white to fix up my dragon a bit more (by giving him teeth, eyes, ect.).

For my Left hand I laid down Scandal on my accent nails (the darker nails) and Superstar on the others. I covered superstar with Aisle Be There (2 coats). I then took a plastic bag and cut a little bit away and bunched it up. I put a little Hot Hot Heat on a paper plate and then ‘sponged’ the plastic bag into the polish and then onto my nails. I let it dry and then applied Courtney Orange (without the yellow this time) over the Hot Hot Heat in the same fashion.

Ocean Wave

I used Sinful Colors Cinderella as my base for every nail except my ring finger.

I used a clear base coat and then I used a combination of  white polish (I don’t know which one probably Nail Art) Sinful Colors Love Nails and Sally Hansen’s Blue Me Away to do the wave.

2012-07-09 21.33

2012-07-09 21.14

I did the wave by putting the polish on the edge of my nail in dots (1-2 dots of each blue color, you can use more than two) and then took a toothpick (this was before I got some nail art tools! lol) and dragged it through the polish so that it looked like a wave. While it was still tacky toward the end of the wave of blue I dotted some white polish and then again took the tooth pick and went just a little further with the wave so that it looked like it was cresting. I hope this helps you if you decide to try something similar. Although I can’t take credit for the original design, it was something I saw online and loved enough to try and recreate it. Good luck!

First Attempt at Roses

After finally getting some dotting tools I decided to try my hand at roses! I used China Glaze’s Refresh mint as a background. Sinful colors Dream on, Happy ending & 24/7 for the roses. & Nicole’s Love your life for some glitter. This was a pre-cleanup picture. I have made some massive improvements since this! 😀
2012-09-02 15.24On how to do some roses, in case you were wondering, Nail Art 101 has a great image.