Misty’s Pokemon Mani


I just got a holographic polish (first one it’s Color Club’s Harp on it!) and decided to swatch it out, and then do a Misty’s Pokemon Mani!

Here it is with only one coat, it was a little patchy.

Even after two coats there were still some patches but that’s alright, I was still mesmerized¬†2013-06-06 18.392013-06-06 19.372013-06-06 19.36

Three coats was perfect. I then used acrylic paints to do all of the pokemon and the pokeball.

I used Sinful Colors midnight blue with a stamping image of waves over my thumb and you could still see the holo through it, it was really cool in full sunlight.2013-06-08 15.342013-06-07 02.40002013-06-07 02.400