Bizarre Filigree

Blurple FiligreeI use CG’s Bizarre Blurple as a base, painted one coat of Pure Ice’s Busted then Color Club’s Snowflakes.

I used Sinful color’s Heavy Metal to do the filigree design, just kind of randomly choosing the shapes.


Marley My Bunny

MarleynailsI used Hard Candy’s Crush on Lava as a base.

I sponged Wetn’wild’s Kaleidoscope over the tips.

With white and black polish and a Nail Dotter I made the head first, dotting a point where both ears should be and dragging the paint down to the head.

I then used the dotter to dot black around his ears and eye markings.

I painted his face on with a nail art brush and dotted Sinful Color’s Orange Creme (its pretty pink) for the center of his ears.