Swimsuit Nails!

2014-08-07 14.20 2014-08-07 14.25  I did this with Sinful colors Snow Me White as a base for my middle two nails and Black on Black for my pinky, index and thumb. For the middle fingers I started with my white base and used acrylic paint to try and get something that would match the colors on my suit, adding a rhinestone to the middle of the ‘flower things’. It’s not perfect but I really like how it turned out. I also did my other hand. It’s a bit… unique.

2014-08-07 14.26

I think the point is that I tried. lol. Over all though I’m really happy with what I did. It took about 2 hours but i think it was worth it.

In case you were wondering: My swimsuit is a Freya Samara. You can find it on Amazon. It’s a little expensive but to be honest I’m really glad I bought it. I had a hard time finding a top in my size anywhere in stores and after a bunch of browsing online through reviews (on reddit too) and based off the fit of my bra this was an awesome choice. It fits perfectly, and it’s really cute. 🙂