Snowy Cardinals

or I Miss My Grandma

2014-11-26 14.0002014-11-26 14.002014-11-26 13.592014-11-24 22.49I used Pure ICE’s Kiss Me Here and everything else was acrylic paint.

I really really love this design. My grandmother┬álives in Missouri (I live in FL) and she just got a cellphone that I can send her pictures on so I did these for her. She loves birds, I can remember sitting on her floor for hours looking through her bird books. ­čÖé
(The last picture you see is very blurry because I just wanted to take a progress picture for you and I use my cell phone to take my pictures.)

HOW TO: I started with my grey background and did a lighter grey in acrylic paint and did some easy asterisk snowflakes, and then went over it again with a lighter grey than that one doing more snowflakes, dotting here and there to fill in some space.

I found an image online that I really loved with some cardinals and a birdhouse.

I then┬áblocked out my branches and went back over them a few times with dark brown. I mixed a few different reds to get the shades like in the photo I was looking at and then blocked them out as well with the lightest red, going to dark when I did the head and body on the index finger cardinal and just on the body of the middle finger cardinal (that’s the girl).Then where I earlier had blocked out their wings, I painted very small red lines to give them more definition, like in the picture I used for inspiration. Last I added the snow to the branches and dotted the snow everywhere even over the cardinals for a little more depth.

On my right hand I blocked out my branches on ┬ájust three fingers (honestly I didn’t think it was going to turn out this awesome so I didn’t do much). Then I blocked out my birdhouse first with the brown roof then I did white for the shape of the bottom because I wanted this to be a different red than my birds and my cheap red acrylic paint doesn’t stand out well on it’s own. I then added the red, and made some brown lines across very lightly with watered down brown paint (I tried the white dots like in the inspiration picture and it didn’t look pretty) and put a white center, with grey over most of it so that just a small amount of white was around one side. Lastly I added my snow on the branches and by dotting.

Frosted Snow

2014-11-11 13.57 2014-11-11 14.07 2014-11-11 14I realllly love these. I might do them again because they are so awesome. I got really into doing christmas decorations and thought I needed to match my nails to my mood. lol I used sinful colors snow me white with wet n wilds Hallucinate (like 5 coats) over the top. Hallucinate dries pretty quickly but it also sucks up my top coat so i had to top coat it quite a few times, even the next day I had to topcoat it. I’m not a fan of white polish, no matter what kind I get it always goops up and I have to thin it out while I’m using it! Oh well, they are so sparkly and pretty. The little lizard decided to make a run for it inside (likely because of the temperature change) as I was checking my icicles in the front windows. haha. I had her help me take a nail picture.

Here’s bonus pic’s of some of my christmas decorations. If you have any questions feel free to ask, it’s all mostly paper and stick glue. lol I’ve added a little more since these pictures but I’ll update you along with more christmas nails as the season goes on. ­čÖé
2014-11-09 15.12.502014-11-11 14.12.49

Nude Merlot

2014-11-03 13

Sally Hansen Merlot and 2% milk (the nude part has one coat of 2%) and ELF’s Pot of Gold. This was simple but took a long time. lol I also drew half circles on my bare nails with a pencil to get them all a similar size before painting on my nails. I found this design on Redditlaqueristas┬áby user┬áchocolatehazelnut1. I just really loved how simple yet elegant it looked so I had to try it out.

My Merlot bottle is about 10 years old. I can remember having it when Sally Hansen came out with their chrome collection and how I painted every nail a different color back then. lol It will always be one of my favorite colors. ­čÖé