Plum to Pink Gradient – feat. ILNP My Private Rainbow Holographic Top Coat

Sally Hansen’s Plum Luck (dark color at the top) Klean Color’s Neon Amethyst, Finger Paint’s Pink Perspective. I put two coats of ILNP’s My Private Rainbow Holographic Top Coat over my gradient. I did a white polish underneath everything because pink perspective can be sheer on my tips.20150316_13091220150316_13084820150313_005201This picture was taken under a lamp with direct lighting. It’s so hard to capture just how holographic MPR really is wtih just my camera phone, seriously they do this polish no justice. I love it so much it’s going to be hard not to use it on everything.
20150314_03014520150314_030208These two pictures were with flash on and it shows you just how deep the gradient is.20150305_192311Here’s the bottle of MPR that shows a bit more of the holographic-ness.

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