Studio Ghibli

Inspired by a redditlaqueristas post I decided it was time that I do some Studio Ghibli nails. (Especially since I get a Ghibli movie every Christmas which really wasn’t that long ago.) However I wanted to keep it simple as I have so many projects going on (big surprise there /s) and I didn’t feel like spending 12 hours doing my nails. And it could definitely go on that long. Sometimes I just get kind of, in the zone.

I used sinful color sweet tooth, china glaze fairy dust and acrylic paint. I did my other hand as well but my phone is dead so I need to charge it. I’ll edit this post later with a picture of both hands.

20160129_135526 copy20160129_135537 copy
If you don’t recognize the characters it’s Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service and the little dudes are little soot sprites from My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. I drew little star candies with them like in Spirited Away.

The sprites were fairly easy to do, but Jiji’s body was KILLING me. I kept making him WAY too fat because my nail is a bit short. But after a few retries and his ears being a bit less pointy than I’d like I think he turned out alright!

Head hang of shame

I haven’t posted in so long. 😦 I got really caught up in the holidays and I’m still up to my neck with sewing projects!! I barely have time for my nail art because of my inability to be creative 24/7 after all this craziness. I did paint them, they had to be dressed at least, but it was just plain-jane stuff with a bit of sparkle.

Eventually I got around to trying out this two toned technique to make a brick wall (after copious amounts of crafting broke them all). I wanted to be more fancy but I just ended up leaving it, which is totally fine because I think they do well on their own. 🙂


I will share with you some of my not so professional (I’ve been sewing for a few months, prepare your face holes for a monstrosity of shitty gathering, if you don’t know what I mean please continue) dresses for my sweet 1.5 year old niece and a few other things.

20151227_09302720151227_09310220151227_09274220151215_17520720150925_005845 (1)20151227_093503

Everything that looks embroidered I did by hand (it was a pain in the behind). The crocheted strawberry was done by a good friend and I put some finishing touches on it. It has a cute wonky strawberry top… yeah we’ll go with that.

My first attempt at doing some mixed sewing (I have no idea what you’d call this). It’s a bag for my friend. I also made her and her mother crochet hook bags.

I don’t have any pictures of some of the other things as they were gifts and I was more worried about getting them done in time. But I made this beautiful kimono with turtles for my mother and a few aprons.

And here are the mountain of ornaments I painted in the form of a link because I’m sure this post has become giant enough.