SFV – Cammy’s Critical Art

I played a little Street Fighter 4 but I was prettty bad. I couldn’t play my fiance without raging and wanting to chuck the controller across the room. Thankfully SFV is not quite as hard or maybe it’s new enough that I can actually do fundamentals and link moves together.

20160226_235025 copy - Copy

For SFV I decided to do an art since I never did one for SFIV. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out too (aside from my wonky + but I did it 200 times and I just gave up). I was going to do glitter because I can’t stay away from it but I did it. I only used one polish Revlon Colorstay Pale Cashmere (The rest of it is acrylic paint.).

20160226_235253 copy

I wouldn’t recommend it unless you absolutely love the color, even then I bet you could find something less streaky and doesn’t take 50 coats. I’m lazy and I have too much polish so I just roughed it.

20160226_235231 copy

Pink Lion from Steven Universe

I have recently been a little obsessed with Steven Universe. I knew that Rebecca Sugar (this chick is amazing seriously) who did such a great job on Adventure Time created it and I love her so I’ve heard most of the SU soundtrack I just gave in and binge watched it over the course of 2 1/2 days.

20160221_010258 copy20160221_192048_6_bestshot copy

I really just love pink lion. I think he’s so cute and reminds me of my fiance so I had to have him on my nails. I only used 3 polish colors for this Sinful Colors Cinderella and Sugar Rush, and ILNP My Private Rainbow. The yellow and the lion are acrylic paint.

20160221_192511 copy

My acrylic paint was being a  butt and my topcoat kind of shrunk the paint even though it was dry. 😦 You cant tell except in these pictures though!! DAMN YOU GREAT AT FOCUSING PHONE CAMERA!

20160221_192108_8_bestshot copy

I really love all of the characters so I think that I’ll revisit SU quite a few times. Peridot is my favorite character so she’ll probably be next. We’ll see!