Junimo from Stardew Valley

Another one! yea I’m addicted. 🙂

Someone on r/stardewvalley said “Junimo nails next pls!” and so here I am, delivering junimo nails! They are not as detailed as my chicken and fence nails but they are still super cute. I tried to do one of every color I could find in the game searching through random videos where the community center was being finished.

20160330_034718 copy copy

It took a while but I finally decided on some colors only repeating the blue one because there are like a million blue ones in the game so why not. I also did my other hand, as challenging as it was lol, and I fixed my thumb nail. Yay!

20160330_035034 copy

I loveeeee this polish color, Sinful Colors Proescco. Which btw, if you didn’t know, is an Italian sparkling wine. I had to google it because I was curious and now I totally want some!  The junimo are acrylic paint.

20160330_035154 copy

I’m really happy with how these turned out and they were quick and fairly easy to do. I’ve been painting a massive image for my dnd character or I would have done them a lot sooner. It is what it is.

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