Florida State Flower and Bird

I’ve been doing SOOOOO much creative stuff lately I’ve been burned out. But I also needed a break from Overwatch. Not much needs to be said about why I’m feeling a little prideful of Florida. I needed to express that, and I’ve been sewing a lot lately so I thought of doing a nice embroidery piece for my nieces dress for her birthday but lets face it I over stretched myself and have been drowning in a sea of gingham ruffles.

So I took little break yesterday from all my sewing and got to work doing something I enjoy, painting things I love and basking in the Florida sun. My favorite place. 🙂

20160624_092748 copy

The colors I used are Sinful Colors Cold Leather with Finger Paints 50 Shades of Ashley. The rest is acrylic paint, and it was pretty easy to do so I did the other hand as well.

20160624_092732 copy

Not only do I love Florida but I love the shift of 50 Shades over this dark blue, the sun really brought it out.

20160624_092801 copy

Overall I’m really proud of these, they ended up looking like I wanted in my head, though my bird is a litttttle stoopish. hehehe

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