hehehe. YAY! More Overwatch nail art! Pharah’s main skin for her character has a blue color so I chose Finger Paints Surfs UP. It actually has a really pretty deep purple shift which I’m pretty famous for never being able to photograph.

20160720_015600 copy

She also has this neat cobra tag that I tried my best to copy, all those LINES!! haha it drove me crazy. 20160720_015436 copy

I really love Pharah though, she’s a solid character in the game and I always feel really rewarded when I get those 60+ direct rocket hits!

20160720_015536 copy

Not sure which female hero I’ll do next, probably Mercy but we’ll see! If you have any ideas comment!!

Tracer from Overwatch!

I’ve been sewing for my niece’s second birthday and crafting away so these are well overdue! Here I am though, following through (Pharah will be around the corner here shortly)!

I used 3 colors for the background Salon Perfect Yowza Yellow, Kleancolor Neon Orange, and China Glaze Roguish Red and the rest is acrylic paint.

20160709_214820 copy

I used a different light setting for these other two images to show the depth of the gradient.

tracer copy

It’s been rainy for the past few days here so I couldn’t get any outside pictures which really show it off, so I think this was the closest I could get. I was a little crunched for time so I think what I’d do differently next time is probably put a little Cheers Luv on the thumb with maybe the grav bomb symbol.

20160709_214855 copy

All in all I think I did a good job given my time frame and my starting to fray to bits brushes. I really need some new ones!!

If you have any tips on my Pharah nails feel free to comment with your ideas!