I am so stinkin proud of these!! I spent so much time on the butterflies but it was worth it. I couldn’t do the other hand, I tried and tried and they just looked terrible. I’m sorry!

20150908_174503 copy 20150908_174540 copy

It was also kind of rainy but I took pictures anyway because it didn’t let up at all. Yay! Florida fall! 😐

The only polish is the gradient (Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, Sinful colors Sugar Rush and Endless Blue) the butterflies are entirely acrylic paint. This is something completely original, usually I have some kind of inspiration but I was just really feeling butterflies that day. I hope you like them as much as I did. I left them on FOREVER! I was surprised they lasted that long (almost two weeks!) but i switched to Orly Bonder for my base coat and it’s a miracle worker!!

Lady Bug Lady Bug, Fly Away Home!

I used Revlon’s Pale Cashmere as a base and everything else is acrylic paints. I took my inspiration from the lady bug song my mother and brother and I would sing by my grandmother’s sunflowers. I made a little home for them on my thumb. 🙂
20150827_151203 copy20150827_151146 copy  20150827_151152 copy
 My design was quick so I got a little sloppy with my house and my lettering but I enjoyed them while they lasted!