Stone Marble

I was trying to get an Amethyst Turquoise look but it turned out a little more chaotic than that. I ended up really loving it and kept it for as long as it lasted (almost a week!). I used SO many colors in this. I started out by painting two coats of Amethyst Accent. Then I gradually added layers of each of color (Finger Paints surf’s up, amethyst accent, Opi’s gargantuan green grape, rimmels mintilicious, and Sally Hansen infinity band) using the hair spray technique on each one. By the time I got to Infinity Band by SH I had run out of hairspray and put alcohol into my hairspray bottle, it didn’t do the same thing but it sort of worked.
stonemarble3stonemarble5stonemarble1stonemarble2I ended up making a light box for these because I didn’t think that the outside lighting captured the sparkle well enough. It was time to make one anyway, I had been putting it off because I hate cutting up cardboard and I only had so many glue sticks left after making Christmas ornaments.stonemarble7stonemarble4stonemarble6stonemarble8