Halloween Occult Nails

It’s October!!! Which means the beginning of my ridiculous themed nail art. I love this part of the year because I have so many excuses to craft!
Snapchat-682766698723183023 copy

The polish I used in this look are Finger Paint’s Plum Startled, with Elf’s Fairy Dust and Wet n Wild’s 2% Milk as a base for a more pale look. The symbols are acrylic paints.20151009_144637 copy

         I just googled some occult symbols, I have no idea what they mean. I picked symbols that looked easy enough to paint on my non-dominant hand as well.

                                                                                                                   20151009_144623 copy

Can I just say, I love this glitter!! It’s perfect for Halloween!20151009_144352 copy
I can’t wait to do more freaky nail art!

Holographic tips

Holotips1Holotips2I used 2% Milk by WetnWild, then I put Color Club’s Harp On It  on the tips with Finger Paint’s Colorful Collage over the top. I don’t have very good pictures of this one because I was so bummed about my computer my nails were surprisingly the last thing on my mind. lol.