Popplio builds Snow-Pokemon

Popplio builds Snow-Pokemon!! I had a lot of fun doing this and I was really surprised it only took me 3 hours to do! There was even some natural sunlight available this rainy Florida winter. I included a low light picture so you could see some shimmer action.


I used Sinful Colors Cinderella (like a billion coats, I should have learned to put this over a light blue base by now!) and the rest is acrylic paints. I freaking love how the bow turned out, and my snow-Pokemon were pretty easy, the hardest part was their tiny scarves. Popplio’s body is a weird shape and took me a billion tries but WHOO! We did it!


All in all I’m really happy with this design. And because my fiance is amazing, while I was sick he bought me Pokemon Sun early!!! So I’ve been playing pretty much every free chance I get (Private Message me if you’d like to trade!!).

Rowlet’s Christmas

Who-who-whoooo’s that Pokemon?!?! hehehe


I haven’t done Pokemon nails in a while so why not now that I’m waiting on Pokemon Sun! I started with Rowlet because I KNOW for sure that this is my starter. I love all the starters but I’m partial to owls. I mean just look at how cute he is!!

So I had to do some Rowlet Christmas nail art to hold me over. I freakin love them (and this gif ugh)! But they were super detailed so I didn’t even bother with my other hand.


The green polish is Sinful Colors San Francisco and everything else is acrylic paint. I kind of want to do the rest of the Sun & Moon starters now. Maybe Popplio building snowmen (or snow-Pokemon!), Litten in a stocking?

** &&& If you have the game as well and want to trade Pokemon PM me with your game tag!!

Frosted Snow

2014-11-11 13.57 2014-11-11 14.07 2014-11-11 14I realllly love these. I might do them again because they are so awesome. I got really into doing christmas decorations and thought I needed to match my nails to my mood. lol I used sinful colors snow me white with wet n wilds Hallucinate (like 5 coats) over the top. Hallucinate dries pretty quickly but it also sucks up my top coat so i had to top coat it quite a few times, even the next day I had to topcoat it. I’m not a fan of white polish, no matter what kind I get it always goops up and I have to thin it out while I’m using it! Oh well, they are so sparkly and pretty. The little lizard decided to make a run for it inside (likely because of the temperature change) as I was checking my icicles in the front windows. haha. I had her help me take a nail picture.

Here’s bonus pic’s of some of my christmas decorations. If you have any questions feel free to ask, it’s all mostly paper and stick glue. lol I’ve added a little more since these pictures but I’ll update you along with more christmas nails as the season goes on. 🙂
2014-11-09 15.12.502014-11-11 14.12.49