Glowy Ghosties

20161006_225004-copyMore Halloween nails! I think these ended up so cutee! I found a shutterstock image on google with some cute ghosties and I based my idea off of that.
First I did my glow background with 3 polish colors: Pure Ice Home Run, Sally Hansen Pool Party, and China Glaze Ghoulish Glow. I did the glow polish for the background so that when I painted over it only the ghosts would show through.20161006_225020-copy I outlined them with blue and purple acrylic paints (doing their tiny eyes and mouths) then filled in the gaps between them for a random watercolor feel. If I messed up I just used a slightly wet q-tip to rub the mistake away.20161006_225501-copyI love how these little dudes look so happy!! I’m stuck on cute Halloween nail art. I’m doing some Ghibli Halloween nails next!!

A Me-Mow Halloween

2014-10-28 13.442014-10-28 14.01Me-Mow is a cute little assassin cat from the Adventure Time episode “Jake Vs. Me-Mow”. Since I’m the GM of an adventure time DnD campaign with my friends I thought it would be fun to incorporate it into my nail art since I haven’t had much time (making DnD maps, AT themed, is really time consuming. lol) to paint my nails at all. Not to mention they broke down pretty far, and my middle nail won’t bounce back!

For my colors: I used Through the Grapevine by Sally Hansen as my base color with Klean Color’s Chunk Holo Fuchsia and then China Glaze Ghoulish Glow (Two coats, some were more glowy than the rest, no idea why. Maybe because it’s getting low?). I used acrylic paint to do Me Mow and put more G.G. over the eyes, poison and potion.