Big Bunnie Graffiti

I got the inspiration from this graffiti:…/2700688…/6444001133/in/photostream/

20150326_100907_5_bestshot copy 20150326_100926_3_bestshot copyOf course I love rabbits so i had to try and recreate Big Bunnie (who is made entirely from acrylic paints).
20150326_095428_6_bestshot copy

The colors I used were two coats of WetnWild Wildshine Lavender Creme, Klean Color’s Chunky Holo Candy, and ILNP My Private Rainbow (two coats as well, over the top of the Holo Candy glitter which created a REALLY pretty glitter jelly sandwich). 20150326_100105 copy 20150326_100238 copy  This is the best picture I could get to show you how deep INLP’s MPR can be.
20150326_101333_7_bestshot copy