Holographic Madness

All this Holo!! even my engagement ring decided to have a little flair while I was outside taking pictures, it was blingin all over the place. 😀

20160826_164205 copy

I used ILNP My private rainbow, Color Club’s Harp On it and I went a little crazy with my silicone mat. I cut out my half moon pieces from some Smash Marbled Stickers. I just put the polish in dots on the mat then smashed it by folding the mat over a bit like a small Rorschach image, it will dry in a sheet on the silicone mat.

20160826_164231 copy 20160826_164124 copy

I LOVE this silicone mat. I cant stop messing around with it. I made them using WernWild’s Lavender Creme, Finger Paints Brushstroke Blush, Sinful Colors Rise and Shine, and CC Harp On It.

20160824_050423 copy

Nude Merlot

2014-11-03 13

Sally Hansen Merlot and 2% milk (the nude part has one coat of 2%) and ELF’s Pot of Gold. This was simple but took a long time. lol I also drew half circles on my bare nails with a pencil to get them all a similar size before painting on my nails. I found this design on Redditlaqueristas by user chocolatehazelnut1. I just really loved how simple yet elegant it looked so I had to try it out.

My Merlot bottle is about 10 years old. I can remember having it when Sally Hansen came out with their chrome collection and how I painted every nail a different color back then. lol It will always be one of my favorite colors. 🙂