Holographic Madness

All this Holo!! even my engagement ring decided to have a little flair while I was outside taking pictures, it was blingin all over the place. 😀

20160826_164205 copy

I used ILNP My private rainbow, Color Club’s Harp On it and I went a little crazy with my silicone mat. I cut out my half moon pieces from some Smash Marbled Stickers. I just put the polish in dots on the mat then smashed it by folding the mat over a bit like a small Rorschach image, it will dry in a sheet on the silicone mat.

20160826_164231 copy 20160826_164124 copy

I LOVE this silicone mat. I cant stop messing around with it. I made them using WernWild’s Lavender Creme, Finger Paints Brushstroke Blush, Sinful Colors Rise and Shine, and CC Harp On It.

20160824_050423 copy

D.Va – Overwatch

If you haven’t been paying attention to all those commercials, let me enlighten you. This game is freakin awesome! It’s a first person shooter with a similar style to TF2 but in my opinion a lot more balanced and quite a bit more fun. The characters are so distinct and they are just created so well. Blizzard has been doing a great job with this game so far.

20160522_104608 copy

My absolute favorite characters are D.Va, Mei and Tracer. I had to do D.Va first though because her sticker is so CUTE! UGH LOOK AT IT! It’s a freakin bunny. :3 I will admit it’s eyes are a little too close together but other than that I think it turned out great! I used Finger Paints Where Art My Love and Color Show’s Impeccable Grey (I freakin love this grey btw), the white is acrylic paint. I also use ILNP’s My Private Rainbow over the pink.

20160522_105132 copy


Call of Cute-thulhu

I was asked to do Lovecraft nails and this is the result!! Based on this DA artistschibi-thulhu. I LOVEEE them. && they smell like roses because I used Revlon Parfumerie African Tea Rose. 20160507_083018 copy

I even did my other hand! lol

20160507_013934 copy

Using Revlon Parfumerie African Tea Rose and sinful color’s amethyst I did this beautiful gradient, and for sparkles I used WetnWild’s Kaleidoscope topped with ILNP My Private Rainbow. The Cthulhu, speech bubble, and the tentacles are acrylic paint.

20160507_014342 copyThese ended up being ridiculously cute, and they’ve lasted FOREVER!! lol I’m on like day 10 now? The tentacles were a last minute addition I’m glad I did because they really brought it all together.

Pink Lion from Steven Universe

I have recently been a little obsessed with Steven Universe. I knew that Rebecca Sugar (this chick is amazing seriously) who did such a great job on Adventure Time created it and I love her so I’ve heard most of the SU soundtrack I just gave in and binge watched it over the course of 2 1/2 days.

20160221_010258 copy20160221_192048_6_bestshot copy

I really just love pink lion. I think he’s so cute and reminds me of my fiance so I had to have him on my nails. I only used 3 polish colors for this Sinful Colors Cinderella and Sugar Rush, and ILNP My Private Rainbow. The yellow and the lion are acrylic paint.

20160221_192511 copy

My acrylic paint was being a  butt and my topcoat kind of shrunk the paint even though it was dry. 😦 You cant tell except in these pictures though!! DAMN YOU GREAT AT FOCUSING PHONE CAMERA!

20160221_192108_8_bestshot copy

I really love all of the characters so I think that I’ll revisit SU quite a few times. Peridot is my favorite character so she’ll probably be next. We’ll see!

Big Bunnie Graffiti

I got the inspiration from this graffiti: https://www.flickr.com/…/2700688…/6444001133/in/photostream/

20150326_100907_5_bestshot copy 20150326_100926_3_bestshot copyOf course I love rabbits so i had to try and recreate Big Bunnie (who is made entirely from acrylic paints).
20150326_095428_6_bestshot copy

The colors I used were two coats of WetnWild Wildshine Lavender Creme, Klean Color’s Chunky Holo Candy, and ILNP My Private Rainbow (two coats as well, over the top of the Holo Candy glitter which created a REALLY pretty glitter jelly sandwich). 20150326_100105 copy 20150326_100238 copy  This is the best picture I could get to show you how deep INLP’s MPR can be.
20150326_101333_7_bestshot copy

Plum to Pink Gradient – feat. ILNP My Private Rainbow Holographic Top Coat

Sally Hansen’s Plum Luck (dark color at the top) Klean Color’s Neon Amethyst, Finger Paint’s Pink Perspective. I put two coats of ILNP’s My Private Rainbow Holographic Top Coat over my gradient. I did a white polish underneath everything because pink perspective can be sheer on my tips.20150316_13091220150316_13084820150313_005201This picture was taken under a lamp with direct lighting. It’s so hard to capture just how holographic MPR really is wtih just my camera phone, seriously they do this polish no justice. I love it so much it’s going to be hard not to use it on everything.
20150314_03014520150314_030208These two pictures were with flash on and it shows you just how deep the gradient is.20150305_192311Here’s the bottle of MPR that shows a bit more of the holographic-ness.