Pink Galaxy Nails

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Pure Ice’s Flirt Alert(x2coats) with Milani Electric Pink (x1) as a base. Then I used a makeup sponge and sponged on dark to light. I used Klean Color’s Neon Purple and chose small¬†areas of the nail to darken (I had to do this a few times trying to get the middle of the purple more dark than the outside). I used Klean Color’s Amethyst next going around the outside of the dark purple. Then I used Color Show’s Chiffon Chic and went inside the hot pink parts to lighten them up. I then put on two thin layers of Klean Color’s Chunky Holo Candy. I used white acrylic paint very watered down and sponged it on in the center of the light pinks to highlight it. I then used Pure Ice’s Busted over the purple, and Pure Ice’s Pink Ice over the pinks and whites, and over all of it I sponged more KC’s Chunky Holo Candy over the white parts to make them more pink. I took more white paint and with a thin brush and drew the stars on, dotting tiny ones all over the place with the brush instead of using a dotting tool so that my dots stayed small.