Lets Start a Blizzard!

Mei Overwatch nails comin at ya!

20160530_173014 copy

I cant get over her weather modification drone Snowball and how freakin absolutely precious he his. I’m working on a digital painting of him which will probably take a million years but in the mean time I had to do some Snowball nails for Mei.

20160530_172801 copy

I used the Snow Plum Skin colors because that is my favorite Mei skin an pink Snowball is extra cute. :3 The polish colors I used are Sinful Color’s Sugar Rush with two coats of Sally Hansen’s Lets Get Digital. I’ve used lets get digital a few times in the past couple months but I cant help it, it’s sooooo pretty and it fit Mei perfectly.

20160530_172915 copy

Over all I’m really happy with how Snowball turned out. I think I should have made the background more contrasting probably so I’ll keep that in mind for Tracer. I will eventually end up doing all of the characters but I started with my favorites first. So far I’m LOVING the game and I’ve sunk way too many hours into it. lol


I am so stinkin proud of these!! I spent so much time on the butterflies but it was worth it. I couldn’t do the other hand, I tried and tried and they just looked terrible. I’m sorry!

20150908_174503 copy 20150908_174540 copy

It was also kind of rainy but I took pictures anyway because it didn’t let up at all. Yay! Florida fall! 😐

The only polish is the gradient (Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, Sinful colors Sugar Rush and Endless Blue) the butterflies are entirely acrylic paint. This is something completely original, usually I have some kind of inspiration but I was just really feeling butterflies that day. I hope you like them as much as I did. I left them on FOREVER! I was surprised they lasted that long (almost two weeks!) but i switched to Orly Bonder for my base coat and it’s a miracle worker!!

Stone Marble

I was trying to get an Amethyst Turquoise look but it turned out a little more chaotic than that. I ended up really loving it and kept it for as long as it lasted (almost a week!). I used SO many colors in this. I started out by painting two coats of Amethyst Accent. Then I gradually added layers of each of color (Finger Paints surf’s up, amethyst accent, Opi’s gargantuan green grape, rimmels mintilicious, and Sally Hansen infinity band) using the hair spray technique on each one. By the time I got to Infinity Band by SH I had run out of hairspray and put alcohol into my hairspray bottle, it didn’t do the same thing but it sort of worked.
stonemarble3stonemarble5stonemarble1stonemarble2I ended up making a light box for these because I didn’t think that the outside lighting captured the sparkle well enough. It was time to make one anyway, I had been putting it off because I hate cutting up cardboard and I only had so many glue sticks left after making Christmas ornaments.stonemarble7stonemarble4stonemarble6stonemarble8

Frosted Snow

2014-11-11 13.57 2014-11-11 14.07 2014-11-11 14I realllly love these. I might do them again because they are so awesome. I got really into doing christmas decorations and thought I needed to match my nails to my mood. lol I used sinful colors snow me white with wet n wilds Hallucinate (like 5 coats) over the top. Hallucinate dries pretty quickly but it also sucks up my top coat so i had to top coat it quite a few times, even the next day I had to topcoat it. I’m not a fan of white polish, no matter what kind I get it always goops up and I have to thin it out while I’m using it! Oh well, they are so sparkly and pretty. The little lizard decided to make a run for it inside (likely because of the temperature change) as I was checking my icicles in the front windows. haha. I had her help me take a nail picture.

Here’s bonus pic’s of some of my christmas decorations. If you have any questions feel free to ask, it’s all mostly paper and stick glue. lol I’ve added a little more since these pictures but I’ll update you along with more christmas nails as the season goes on. 🙂
2014-11-09 15.12.502014-11-11 14.12.49