Holographic Madness

All this Holo!! even my engagement ring decided to have a little flair while I was outside taking pictures, it was blingin all over the place. 😀

20160826_164205 copy

I used ILNP My private rainbow, Color Club’s Harp On it and I went a little crazy with my silicone mat. I cut out my half moon pieces from some Smash Marbled Stickers. I just put the polish in dots on the mat then smashed it by folding the mat over a bit like a small Rorschach image, it will dry in a sheet on the silicone mat.

20160826_164231 copy 20160826_164124 copy

I LOVE this silicone mat. I cant stop messing around with it. I made them using WernWild’s Lavender Creme, Finger Paints Brushstroke Blush, Sinful Colors Rise and Shine, and CC Harp On It.

20160824_050423 copy

Mercy Overwatch Nails!!

 I decided to do a full hero instead of tags and related designs. It was pretty hard!! The face is the only thing I’m super bummed about but it ended up a lot better than I thought it would be halfway through painting, lol.

20160821_023910 copyI used three colors for the background Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and gradient Sugar Rush as well as Sally Hansen Blue Me Away. Mercy and the rest are acrylic paints.
20160821_023836 copy
I think this all boils down to needing better brushes but it looks cute and it’s instantly recognizable that it’s Mercy!! I rushed through the thumbnail but meh. I just need to practice letters.

20160821_023904 copy

Lets Start a Blizzard!

Mei Overwatch nails comin at ya!

20160530_173014 copy

I cant get over her weather modification drone Snowball and how freakin absolutely precious he his. I’m working on a digital painting of him which will probably take a million years but in the mean time I had to do some Snowball nails for Mei.

20160530_172801 copy

I used the Snow Plum Skin colors because that is my favorite Mei skin an pink Snowball is extra cute. :3 The polish colors I used are Sinful Color’s Sugar Rush with two coats of Sally Hansen’s Lets Get Digital. I’ve used lets get digital a few times in the past couple months but I cant help it, it’s sooooo pretty and it fit Mei perfectly.

20160530_172915 copy

Over all I’m really happy with how Snowball turned out. I think I should have made the background more contrasting probably so I’ll keep that in mind for Tracer. I will eventually end up doing all of the characters but I started with my favorites first. So far I’m LOVING the game and I’ve sunk way too many hours into it. lol

Call of Cute-thulhu

I was asked to do Lovecraft nails and this is the result!! Based on this DA artistschibi-thulhu. I LOVEEE them. && they smell like roses because I used Revlon Parfumerie African Tea Rose. 20160507_083018 copy

I even did my other hand! lol

20160507_013934 copy

Using Revlon Parfumerie African Tea Rose and sinful color’s amethyst I did this beautiful gradient, and for sparkles I used WetnWild’s Kaleidoscope topped with ILNP My Private Rainbow. The Cthulhu, speech bubble, and the tentacles are acrylic paint.

20160507_014342 copyThese ended up being ridiculously cute, and they’ve lasted FOREVER!! lol I’m on like day 10 now? The tentacles were a last minute addition I’m glad I did because they really brought it all together.

Gold Fish

I wanted to do something a little different for spring. I really love how a few of my nails turned out but I hate the fish. Whatever, a lot of people liked it so it’s not a total fail. I did however LOVE how my ring finger on the opposite hand turned out and I’m totally doing that as a separate look later.20160407_173040 copy

I used Sinful Colors Island Coral, Color Show Impeccable Greys, and the glitter/flakies are Sally Hansen’s Perky Pink and Revlon Mooncandy Satellite, the gold was ELF Gold. Everything else was paint!

20160408_181946 copy

The swirly effect on my first fingers was an attempt at dry brush that turned out freakishly good so I got lucky with that. lol

20160408_182603 copy

Cacti Nails

Cacti Nails! So cute! I did both hands too because it was super easy.
20160311_190719 copy20160311_190752 copy

I used 4 polish colors: Sinful Color sugar rush with 2 coats Sally Hansen Lets get digital over it (ring fingers an thumbs) & Pure Ice’s Pink Ice with two coats of Pure Ice Satin Ribbon over it. My cacti are acrylic paint.

20160311_190816 copy20160311_191654 copy

Pink Lion from Steven Universe

I have recently been a little obsessed with Steven Universe. I knew that Rebecca Sugar (this chick is amazing seriously) who did such a great job on Adventure Time created it and I love her so I’ve heard most of the SU soundtrack I just gave in and binge watched it over the course of 2 1/2 days.

20160221_010258 copy20160221_192048_6_bestshot copy

I really just love pink lion. I think he’s so cute and reminds me of my fiance so I had to have him on my nails. I only used 3 polish colors for this Sinful Colors Cinderella and Sugar Rush, and ILNP My Private Rainbow. The yellow and the lion are acrylic paint.

20160221_192511 copy

My acrylic paint was being a  butt and my topcoat kind of shrunk the paint even though it was dry. 😦 You cant tell except in these pictures though!! DAMN YOU GREAT AT FOCUSING PHONE CAMERA!

20160221_192108_8_bestshot copy

I really love all of the characters so I think that I’ll revisit SU quite a few times. Peridot is my favorite character so she’ll probably be next. We’ll see!

Tea Time!

The blue polish I used for my base color is Sinful Color’s Endless Blue, with Elf’s Gold and Golden Goddess on my middle.
20150916_094957 copy20150916_094035 copyMy ring finger was done by dotting Endless Blue, a dark navy polish by kleancolor, and china glaze refresh mint. While it was wet I used the sandwich bag method and dry brushed the gold on top after it was dry.I also fished a few pieces of glitter from golden goddess to place sporadically
20150916_094001 copy                  I painted my tea set in acrylic paints but everything else is polish.
20150916_093912 copy
                                           I even did my other hand!! 😀
20150916_093935 copy
Again thanks to my base coat these lasted forever. I really like that I can have my spiffy art last so much longer. I hope you like them!


I am so stinkin proud of these!! I spent so much time on the butterflies but it was worth it. I couldn’t do the other hand, I tried and tried and they just looked terrible. I’m sorry!

20150908_174503 copy 20150908_174540 copy

It was also kind of rainy but I took pictures anyway because it didn’t let up at all. Yay! Florida fall! 😐

The only polish is the gradient (Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, Sinful colors Sugar Rush and Endless Blue) the butterflies are entirely acrylic paint. This is something completely original, usually I have some kind of inspiration but I was just really feeling butterflies that day. I hope you like them as much as I did. I left them on FOREVER! I was surprised they lasted that long (almost two weeks!) but i switched to Orly Bonder for my base coat and it’s a miracle worker!!

Bunny and Butterflies

bunnyandbutterflies1bunnyandbutterflies2I used Sinful Colors I’m Blushing with Finger Paints Peach Beach Scene on top. The bunny and butterflies (as well as the swirly white) are all acrylic paints. I probably should have picked a more contrasting background for the white butterflies and bunny but I am pretty pleased with the end result.